Parents Arrested For Allegedly Injecting Their Three Young Children With Heroin

2016-11-02 23:38:40Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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CNN are reporting that parents, Ashlee Hutt, 24, and Mac Leroy McIver, 25, of Tacoma, Washington are facing three felony counts of unlawful delivery of a controlled substance to a minor, criminal mistreatment of a child and assault of a child, after it is believed they injected their three young children with heroin.

Both parents have admitted to police that they used heroin in the past, but have stated they did not inject their children with it.

Hutt and McIver’s oldest son who is just 6-years-old told a Child Protective Service worker that his parents would inject him and his sisters who are 2 and 4, with a needle which was filled with a white powder was mixed with water.

To the children it is known as, "feel-good medicine."^tfw

He also told the worker that they would fall asleep straight after the "feel-good medicine."

After this discussion, Child Protective Service quickly launched an investigation.

Back in November 2015, CPS revealed that the children were living in a hazardous household, which was reportedly filled with rat droppings, heroin, and used needles.

They also found signs of "abuse and neglect,"after this, CPS removed the children, and later found marks, cuts, and bruises on their arms. CNN have reported that the police stated that the bruises looked as if they were caused by needle injections.

All three childen were tested for the drug, the 6-year-old tested negative for heroin, the middle child had a small trace of the drug in her system and their youngest tested positive.

Both parents are blaming the other adults who lived in the same house as the family and they also told CPS that they "believed the babysitter may be responsible."

All three children have now been taken to in foster homes and are doing well.

The parents are currently waiting for their trial date and have been set a bond of $100,000, a judge also issued a restraining order that forbids both parents from contacting all three of their children and being within 1,000 feet of them.

We are so glad the children are now okay and we hope this case gets to the bottom of whoever is responsible.

Image Credit: Ashlee Hutt/ Mac Leroy McIver Facebook

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