Over 100 Firefighters Battle Massive Aussie Blaze

2016-11-05 21:40:00Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Yesterday, disaster struck Sydney's Western suburbs when a blaze quickly spread from a car wrecking yard in Revesby to threaten surrounding suburban homes and families.

According to reports, over 100 firefighters were called in to battle the blaze, along with 25 fire trucks. 


Two men were in the building working at the time of the blaze and were both rescued, with one being taken to Liverpool hospital to be treated for burns to his arms. Two others were also treated for smoke inhalation. The fire was thought to be toxic due to materials on site and nearby residents were urged to stay inside. 


Due to the high fuel load in the yard and strong winds, Fire and Rescue Commissioner Greg Millins said they were unable to battle the blaze directly and were hence in defensive mode. 


The crew also brought in a remote-control robot to reach the areas they could not get to, which shoots foam and water into the centre of the fire so it can be controlled from a distance. Only four of these machines exist in the world.

The blaze has since been tamed and no lives were lost. 


Another fire was also started in Cranebrook and a 16-year-old teenage boy has since been arrested and charged with causing the bushfire which has now damaged more than seven homes and burned through 300 hectares of bushland. 

Other blazes also wreaked havoc across the Sydney region. 

Image Credits: NSW Police / FRNSW.

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