Whoever Said A Huntsman WON'T Bite You, This Pic Proves Otherwise

2016-09-11 22:06:01Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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We have all lived our lives thinking that Huntsman spiders didn’t bite. We thought they were just scary and furry and kinda gross… WELL OUR LIFE HAS BEEN A LIE.

A new picture has been posted on Imgur and it’s basically all of our nightmares served up on a plate.

It shows a Huntsman literally biting a freaking hand.

Not that we would suggest you to ever hold a Huntsman for fun… but this is every reason to definitely NOT!

User, serpentine16 captioned the picture with, “(not for arachnophobes) Look at this huntsman spider biting someone….  Picture was posted to a Facebook group. I asked their permission before sharing it and linked them to this. From the picture-taker, "My dad was trying to prove a point that they don't bite, but obviously he was wrong!" and "He had two little puncture marks and some minor swelling but nothing major. He said it barely hurt but he has tough old man hands!" Update from the picture-taker: "I should also mention that the main reason he was handling it was because it was in some wood that was about to be squashed by an excavator! He grabbed it so it didn't get squashed too!" He saved her life and that's how she repays him?!”


Of course the picture has gone viral because life is a lie.



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