News Reporters Charged After Illicit Drugs Found In Their Baby's System

2016-09-04 23:55:32Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Mother and father news reporters in the U.S have pleaded guilty to endangering their child after cocaine was found in their four-month-old baby's system.

Children become one of the top priorities for parents, when they decide to bring new lives into this world. Many get over-protective and will do anything to keep them from harms way. 

However, a U.S couple has recently come under fire after cocaine was found in their baby's system. 

Back in May, former U.S TV reporter's Krystin Lisaius and Som Lisaius became increasingly concerned about their four-month-old daughter when she would not wake up and her eyes kept rolling back into her head, and rushed her to hospital.

Krystin reportedly denied the drug use, however after investigations and tests (it was discovered that Krystin had taken the illicit drugs and then, twelve hours later, breastfed her child.

The incident could have caused not only a heart attack in their daughter, but could also have led to devastating development problems later in her life.


When the news broke, Krystin had reportedly stressed that she did not think her child would still be affected by the drugs twelve hours after she had ingested them. 

Reports revealed that Som had been "terminated from his job" after the news came out. 

Now, months later, the two parents have pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of child endangerment and will possibly face up to two years of probation or prison. 

The original charges were of drug possession and child abuse, however after their guilty plea these charges may be dropped and the couple will only face the misdemeanor charges. 

Their daughter is now okay and has been placed in the care of her maternal grandmother by the Department of Child Safety. 

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