Mum Posts Heartbreaking School Photo To Raise Awareness Of Childhood Cancer

2016-09-15 04:58:24Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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Parents often post pictures of their children on Facebook... whether it be their first day at school, or just then hanging around at home… but this mother's post was very different and it has created attention all across the world.

Julie Apicella shared two back to school photos, which sadly capture the reality of childhood cancer.

The first photo was of her beautiful daughter in her school uniform with '2015' written next to it, beside it was another picture of the same background with '2016' written next to it… but this time her daughter is missing.

Her daughter, Emily, was diagnosed with a type of kidney cancer known as Wilms’ tumour when she was five years old.

The caption on the photoset is truly heartbreaking, she writes “School photo time – obviously someone very special missing – my daughter Emily. Imagine if your school photo this year is the last you will ever be able to take and will just be a memory to remember.”

Julie also wrote that she was sharing the photo to raise awareness of childhood cancer, adding “Nearly everyone on my list has children or family members and this could be your reality in the future.

One in 285 children will get a cancer diagnoses. Raising awareness of symptoms and that childhood cancer is not rare is the first hurdle to jump.

Eventually the gold ribbon of childhood cancer will be as well known as the pink ribbon for breast cancer but it takes people to actually post on social media ect for this to happen.”

In just a week, it has been shared over 8,500 times.

Our heart goes out to their family.

Image Credit/ Julie Apicella Facebook

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