A Comprehensive Movie and Ice Cream Pairing Guide

2016-01-26 05:25:00Z
Scoopla Team
Scoopla Team

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One of our favourite times of the year is when Ben and Jerry’s Openair Cinema comes to town.

We got our hands on the list of films showing this season and matched them to some of Ben and Jerry’s delightful goodness. Think of this as the dessert version of a cheese and wine pairing guide.



About the movie: Everyone’s favourite comedy actors are back. Zach Galifianakis, Owen Wilson, Kristen Wiig and Jason Sudeikis will make you actually LOL.

All you need to know is that the movie is about a heist. With a cast like this one, do you even need to know more?

Enjoy with: Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie. Everyone’s favourites – brownie, dark and rich chocolate combined, which is perfect considering there’s a dream combination of funny actors.

Masterminds Tralier


Romeo + Juliet

About the movie: This Baz Luhrmann hit was released 20 years ago and stars a young Leo, Claire Danes and Paul Rudd. It's probs the best version of Shakespeare because of the awesome 90's soundtrack. Remember they speak in ye olde English, so this is defs one to watch while sober.

Enjoy with: Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Carnival. While there's a love story playing out on screen, you’ll fall in love with the delicious cookie pieces mixed through vanilla.

Romeo + Juliet Trailer


Captain Fantastic

About the movie: A dad dedicates his life to transforming his six kids into extraordinary adults. But when a tragedy strikes the family, it challenges his idea of what it means to be a parent and questions everything he's taught his children.

Enjoy with: Ben and Jerry’s Berry Berry Extrordinary. This film has been praised by critics, so of course you need to watch a very very fantastic movie with an extraordinary sorbet made from swirls of Blueberry and Raspberry.

Captain Fantastic Trailer



About the movie: Scream has to be the best/worst movie for the 90s, which paved the way for scary movies, the Scary Movie franchise and that mask. See young stars as they live life in a town where a killer is on the loose.

Enjoy with: Ben and Jerry’s Hazed and Confused. You might find yourself yelling 'don't go that way!' and being confused why the characters would clearly make a bad decision. Centre yourself with the ultimate chocolate ice cream experience with a hazelnut core.

Scream Trailer


Blair Witch

About the movie: One of the best scary movies around and perfect with Halloween around the corner. James and a group of students look to uncover the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of his sister in the Black Hills Forest.

At first the group is hopeful but they soon realise the legend of the Blair Witch is very real.

Enjoy with: Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy. This flavour acts as comfort food. You'll need it, even if you seen the movie before. The Chocolate Ice Cream with Chocolate Cookies Swirled with Chocolate Pudding Ice Cream is very therapeutic.

Blair Witch Trailer


About the movie: Remember back to a few years ago when Edward Snowden leaked heeaaappss of classified documents including files about the NSA’s surveillance program, where they accessed people's smartphone cameras and webcams.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in it. And we love him. 

Enjoy with: Ben and Jerry’s Karamel Sutra. Nothing is sexier than American national security. If it doesn't do much for you, the Chocolate and Caramel Ice Creams with Chocolatey Chunks and a Soft Caramel Core will.

Snowden Trailer


Some of these flavours might not be available at Ben & Jerry's Openair Cinema but TBH you will love any flavour while you're catching a movie in an AIR Lounger.

Ben & Jerry's Openair Cinema is now screening in Brisbane until 13 November. Book your tix here!

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