Men Reveal The TOP Things Women Do That Confuse The F$%# Out Of Them

2016-11-19 23:20:23Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

A Girl Has No Name... But if you must know I'm Hayley, aka Numpty 'coz I'm a clutz. I'm a Scoopla content producer, actor, martial artist, and you'll often find me binge-watching Netflix with my partner.

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Everyone likes to say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

Metaphor aside, it’s clear we aren’t. Helllooooo, we live on Earth. We’re not going to get anywhere if we keep thinking we are totally different species.

Another thing we’ve always heard is that women are confusing. That phrase normally comes from the mouth of a man.

But why is this? It turns out women are confused too: about why men are confused!


The Time It Takes For Us To Get Ready

Okay, so we need our time to look on point…

Men are apparently super peeved when we pressure them to get ready, when we ourselves aren’t exactly ready yet.

On user shared, “My GF asks me if I’m ready to leave, so I put my shoes one, and start to leave. I get to the door, and she’s not even close to ready to leave.

“She still needs to put on socks, put on her shoes, get her wallet… Even if I give her a good five minutes after she asks if I’m ready to go, she still does this sh*t!” 

When We Play Hard To Get

“Why do some girls think that making a guy jealous will make him like you more?!”

Because popular media and films has told us to, Reddit user, and we’re sick of it, too.

[You’ll get] the exact opposite result… Playing hard to get? Trying to make me jealous? Okay, cool. I’m too old for this sh*t.”

We’re too old for it, too, but in a world where women are taught to be in constant competition with each other and where men aren’t always taught the right way to treat women you could expect women to think they have to keep a man on his toes.

Thankfully, times are changing and there are good ones out there. 

Being Able To Actually ‘Feel’ Our Emotions

Ever been in a situation where you are feeling a certain emotion so intensely that you could write a freakin’ novel about it? And then you divulge every single detail of it to your partner and they have no idea how to even begin to empathise?

Well, it turns out that might be a universal thing.

It still astounds me how clearly my wife can experience emotion. It is really hard for me to do that.

“She describes emotion as treading water in the middle of the ocean and getting hit with waves of emotion you can’t get away from. She describes me as standing on the shore and seeing it but not really experiencing it.

“It is spot on.”

Instead of thinking women are crazy because they feel intensely, maybe me are a little heartless… Some of you would agree that’s the case if the argument you had last night is anything to go off.

You’d think there would be more women in politics considering how well we can articulate feeling, instead of channelling it into the creation of, oh we don’t know, mass weaponry.

 Those Bobbypins We Are Always Losing

You know all the bobbypins that have gone missing in action? Guys obviously are the ones to find them.

Why do they leave f***ing bobbypins all over my house?”

Because they grow limbs and start walking by themselves so they can hide from us.

“Are you marking your territory or something? Why do you do that?”

Our territory doesn’t need to be marked. It’s yours and our territory, not testosterone land.

Go ask the bobbypins, they’re the real culprits. 

Our Obsession With Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows

One Reddit user is obviously behind on the times, saying, “Do you wax your eyebrows? Is that a thing?”

Dear cave man, we have evolved throughout the ages and like to test our beauty and style skills in any way we can. Eyebrows are life.


“My GF hates me if I gift her something… and argues if I don’t.”

Well… this is true sometimes, but we wouldn’t call it hate!

It’s a mixture of guilt and pleasure.

Goof f***ing lord this one hits home. I think it’s a combination of not wanting to feel bad about receiving an unsolicited gift, but also wanting to feel special and stuff.”

And stuff. Very well articulated.

If you’re going to gift us with hundred dollar gifts all the time, of course we’re going to feel a little bad about it. But we will love it.

So if you want to avoid us being human and feeling bad, use your noggin and think of a non-expensive, thoughtful gift that will make us throw ourselves into your arms.

It’s the thought that counts, guys.!!-:strip_icc-!!-/2014/03/04/889/n/1922729/69a1e29b74a6808e_gift/i/your-birthday-youd-rather-see-box-from-New-Balance-than-box-from-Tiffany.gif  

Our Towel Hats

The same men who claim to know how to fix everything around the house might actually have no idea how to make a freakin’ towel hate…

“I don’t understand how do almost all girls innately have the skill to make those. I was skyping with my young sister once and she was wearing a towel hat. I asked her where she learnt to make that. She looked at me confused and said that she didn’t need to learn it. It’s easy.”

Girls FTW.

 Double Standards… Coz They Don’t Realise They’re The Same

“My girl criticises me for wasting time on Reddit while she’s on Pinterest.”

“Yes!!!! I’m always being told to get off the PlayStation, but that doesn’t stop her browsing Facebook for hours.”

Yes, some of us are guilty of this. But the men should probably make note of a few things:

1 – Is your girl on Facebook/Insta/whatever while you are off in game land?

2 – Did your girl hop on aforementioned site after you started drifting of into game land?

3 – Is your girl secretly wanting to actually spend time with you interacting, instead of taking second place to your games, etc, but you’re not making any signs you want to do the same?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, well, you might want to look at the reason we’re scrolling through Insta wishing for things that obvs aren’t happening in that moment.

And if you think men don’t have double standards, too, then boy are you totally without…

(Flashback to argument where boyfriend gets upset at something we do that he does all the time, but says but that’s different.)

Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

Info Source: Reddit / Mammamia.

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