Men Found To Be Faking More Than We Thought & Our Hearts Are Breaking

2016-12-17 01:38:05Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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No one is perfect and a little white lie here and there is something we all do, even though we wish we were perfect angels in the honesty department. 

Usually, we can forgive a white lie, but always want our partner to come clean and try to stick to the truth. 

But there's some things we all never want our partner to lie or fake about, and there's some rising stats that have us all a little concerned!


Because your man might be faking a lot more than just enjoying that chick flick you watched the other day, and it's something we never thought possible.

Over the years, you have probably heard of people talking about women who faked the 'Big O' in the bedroom. 

No one wants to have to fake a feeling of ecstasy like that, but sometimes people feel like they have no other choice. 

But studies have recently been conducted showing that more and more men are also faking orgasms... 

A recent study out of the US showed that out of 180 participants, 25 per cent of men reported they faked orgasms regularly.

Can't even fathom how something like this can be 'faked'?

Neither could we, but according to sex therapist Patrick Lumbroso, timing makes it possible by men:

- Faking moans and groans. 

- Pretending to reach climax and quickly hiding the 'protection' used, so it's hard to tell if the 'Big O' happened. 

Why, you ask, would your man fake this?!

Accordign to studies, the main reasons for a man preferring to fake an orgasm are:

- He is intoxicated and thus orgasms and erections become harder to achieve, they also become more tired. 

- Exhaustion. 

- In some cases, a fear of pregnancy. 

- Medical conditions. 

- As a result of medication side-effects (as orgasm can be thoroughly delayed and affected). 

- To avoid an argument/feeling ashamed as to why they couldn't orgasm.

It must be noted that this is not the case for all relationships out there and we want you all to know that there's a way to work through it all! 

First of all, communication is key. So is honesty. 

If you're not into 'it', then say so and try to come up with some strategies to get through the rough patch together.

Reignite the passion, because being desired by the one you love is seriously a turn on. 

You can always seek professional advice from a therapist or other medical professional.

Faking something is a conscious decision, so think twice about what it could do to your relationship in the long run before heading into lie territory. 

It is commonly more easy for men to achieve orgasm than women, because of anatomical differences, which makes the stats of men faking a little more concerning. 

Ask yourself: would I want my partner to do this to me?

If you're in the right relationship, you'll be able to talk through anything, so never be ashamed. 

Of course, don't go accusing your partner of anything as soon as you get home today...

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