Melb Cup Wallet Girl Reveals What Her Mum Thinks About Her Behaviour

2016-11-01 23:49:26Z
Scoopla Team
Scoopla Team

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For anyone who has watched the news in the last 12 hours would have come across the real winner of the Melbourne Cup: a punter who was incredibly adamant to find the owner of a lost wallet containing $3. Or better known as, Wallet Girl. 

Speaking to Sydney's Rove and Sam this morning, the legend who captured all our hearts yesterday had a little something to say... 

"I had no idea the news was live" Shae Miller confessed. "I couldn't stop looking at the video last night, it was up to about 1 million views when I went to bed."

Though Shae isn't too concerned with the repercussions from public honesty, "people keep calling me their idol!"

"My mum thinks it's hilarious, she's awesome" Shae laughed. "People are just so proud of me." 

But everyone wants to know, did the rightful owner get their $3 back?

"The wallet had no ID in it! But I handed it into security, that probably would have been the best thing to do to begin with..."

If you didn't catch Shae take over the news last night, watch the video below!

Image credit: 9 News

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