Meet The Melbourne Tradie Dubbed "Australia's Best Bloke" By Hamish & Andy

2016-09-07 01:36:29Z
Sarah Louisa
Sarah Louisa

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Yesterday Hamish & Andy stumbled across a dude they claim is "the best bloke in Australia" and it seems the rest of Australia agrees.

Melburnian James Lord was randomly called by the radio duo yesterday arvo – with Hamish pretending to be "Tim Barnard" – a bloke who just needed a job reference and who wondered if James would give him a hand.

The 23-year-old electrician’s reaction and the absolutely masterful bullsh*t that followed when when Tim’s "potential employee" (Andy) called resulted in Hamish and Andy dubbing him “the best bloke in Australia”.

In the 12 or so hours that's followed James has been enjoying the well-earned fame and glory:

 “My phone’s been going off the rocker…I’ve had about, oh, 500 Facebook friend requests and maybe 100 inboxes – just saying “You’re a legend made”

“Including this interview, I’ve had maybe ten interviews.”

 James (centre) is the "best bloke in Australia".

He said he called his girlfriend (yep, he’s got one, we checked) and friends about the bizarre phone call but never  clicked it might be a hoax.

And does he think he’s a good dude?

“Yeah, I’d like to think I’m not a bad copper. Obviously, I’ll leave that up to the people who know me to decide.” 

Listen to the call here:

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