Meet The Baby Who Was Born Looking Like An 80-Year-Old Man

2016-09-28 23:00:23Z
Scoopla Team
Scoopla Team

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Doctors have been left stunned after this baby, born in Bangladesh, was delivered looking like an 80-year-old with wrinkles and thick black back hair.

Local doctors in Magura, Bangladesh believe that the boy has progeria, an extremely rare condition (one in four million) which causes rapid ageing. 

Unfortunately, children who are born with the condition struggle to lead normal lives as their bodies age too fast and can't keep up. 

The parents are absolutely stoked on the birth of their miracle child. 

"We can only thank God," Biswajit Patro (father) said. "There is no need to be unhappy about the appearance of my son.

"We will accept him the way he is. We are so happy to have a baby boy in the house." 

Biswajit and wife Parul have been assured by doctors that their son will be fine for now. 

They are maintaining a positive attitude that their son will grow up happy and healthy despite all odds. 

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