Male Birth Control Pill Scrapped 'Coz Men Can't Deal With SAME Side Effects

2016-10-31 23:56:09Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Making sweet, sweet love is one of the most magical things in the world. Well, we all know it can be when it's with the right person. 

But it's not like our love making sessions come without precautions and responsibilities. 

Ever since we sat in our high school health classes and were drilled with tonnes of lectures preaching "if it's not on, its NOT on", or...

... we've been bombarded with the confusing realm of contraceptives which can take a serious toll for the women who go down the pill path.

Women can be hit with side effects ranging from acne to weight and libido changes, and even extremely dangerous ones like depression, clots and increased risks of cancer. The list of side effects seems endless.

Thus, women everywhere obviously rejoiced when they heard a male contraceptive pill equivalent was in the works, because partners in a relationship would then be able to equally share the responsibility and effects of contraceptives (no, condoms do NOT have the same side effects... for any of you who want to list the cons of condoms. Don't).

In a terrible turn of events, the medical trial for the much-awaited male contraceptive pill has just been SCRAPPED

Why, you ask? Well, 20 of the 320 men participating in the trial made reports that the side-effects of the injections (six per year) were 'unbearable'. 

These side-effects included: muscle aches, pain at the site of injection, mood changes, increased libido and acne.

Back up a freakin' minute... These are only some of the SAME side-effects women who are taking the contraceptive pill are dealing with and 20participants was enough for the whole trial to get kicked to the freakin' curb?!?

Hands up if you think the female contraceptive pill would be canned if your sister, wife, daughter or friend went in complaining about these side effects...

No one? We thought so. 

The medical trial was showing great potential, with the pill having a 96% success rate, and the side-effects of the male injections were completely reversible. Nonetheless, the trial has been put off indefinitly.

Needless to say, we think everyone is going to be more than a little frustrated after discovering this news, because this was the perfect opportunity to make contraceptive responsibility equal among partners. 

If scientists are trying to create a completely side-effectless male contraceptive pill, then we sure as hell hope they do the same for women. 

For the study's full results, click HERE.

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