Love Cynics At Sportsbet Release Betting Page For How Long Richie & Alex Will Last

2016-09-16 01:32:44Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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It's safe to say that our nation wasn't too impressed with Richie's pick of his Nation last night. 

And we can also say with confidence that we're not the only office around town who enjoy nothing more than guessing the future happenings of The Bachelor; from who won't receive a rose next, to which two contestants will dump the Bachy and fall in love with each other... Did anyone actually pick that? 

Now, let's just say the office or household betting system isn't enough for you anymore. Your Bachelor-radar is simply too good, you want to be closer to the action and make yourself out of pocket with your underrated skill...

Well, have started a deadset page where you can bet real money on how long new, loved-up couple Richie and Alex will last. 

Right now while we do genuinely feel for the new couple, we can't help but have a giggle because we're sure Richie never thought his choice would shake up Australia like it did. 

Also, make sure you remember to gamble responsibly! 

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