Like Mother Like Daughter... But Seriously, Which One Is The Mum?

2017-01-07 02:41:42Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Everyone wants to look like a really young and vibrant mother when they have kids. 

You know, when someone walks up to you with your kids and thinks you look like sisters and you get all red in the face and go 'Oh, stop it, you!'

But we never expected the whole 'like mother like daughter' phrase to be taken to a whole new level, because this mother can hardly be told apart from her two daughters and it is INSANE.

Meet Natalie, Jazmyne and Tamika Wardell, from the Central Coast of NSW, who people are having a hard time telling apart. 

The mother is more than twice her daughters ages, coming in at 45-years-of-age and omfg she is one helluva young looking 45 and we are envious. 

So, which is which?

Meet Natalie, Jazmyne (21) and Tamika's (19) mother.

Not only do these three look alike, but they are the best of friends and have the mother/daughter relationship we all dream of.

Natalie told The Daily Mail, "People ask if we're sisters all the time, and some even think Jazmyne is my mum because she's so tall and I'm so short."

Behold Jazmyne:

And Tamika:

We think we found our new #fitspo for 2017...

We're sure Natalie absolutely loves this, but the girls must get a little disheartened when people think one of them is actually the mum... 

Image Credit: Instagram @ Natalie Wardell.

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