Letterbox Mixup Leads To Aussie House Bulldozed By Mistake!

2016-12-08 03:26:39Z
Zoe Pana
Zoe Pana

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A house has been demolished and it was a straight up case of crappy letterbox number labelling. 

Poor Steve Ballas, the former owner of a property in Sydney’s Bankstown, has discovered that the home he’d owned for 15-years was, um, accidentally knocked down. 

The mixup came as the letterbox out the front was labelled number 200. Ballas’ property, in reality, was number 198, although even he thought it was number 200!

"It was all done without my approval. All I know is I thought I owned 200 Marion Street, Bankstown, and it was a little house I was going to rent. But obviously, I don't have that house anymore." 


The real number 200 next door didn’t make things easier, with their letterbox sporting two labels, one saying 202 and one obscured label with the correct number 200. 

The council had given approval for the real house number 200 (Steve’s neighbours) to be demolished, but unfortunately, some people don’t take their letterbox labelling as seriously as they should. 

We wonder how many time their mail has been mixed up? 

The job was performed by workers from ‘Daniel’s Demolitions’ with the tradies and the company owner both feeling ‘sick’. 


Image: Channel 9  

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