LEGIT: Bloke Hits On Chick On Tinder Only To Realise Her DP Is From INSIDE HIS HOUSE

2016-10-26 02:38:25Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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Imagine: Friday night, feeling lonely, swiping right without a second thought... until something hella disturbing catches your attention. 

Some potential love interest from the abyss of Tinder HAS ALREADY BEEN IN YOUR HOUSE! 

Well, this is exactly what happened to 19-year-old Mark Kowalczyk. So, instead of heading straight to the authorities about this potentially threatening girlfriend he didn't already know he had... he took to Twitter. 


The tweet went absolutely bonkers and was retweeted over 14 thousand times, with someone pointing out that she's been elsewhere in the home too! 


Unfortunately, however, this isn't the beginning of an engrossingly creepy story, old mate Mark just didn't realise that Jenna Zagrodniczek came to a house party of his a while back. 

... We're guessing as a plus one. 


Image credit: Twitter/Warner Bros

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