Instagram Stories Have Stepped Up Their Game Yet Again With 3 Brand New Features

2016-11-11 05:18:05Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Instagram just seem to be absolutely trumping the social media game at the moment. 

After introducing Instagram Stories in August, the app has been set on improving and this new update will blow Snapchat right out of the water.

Instagram Stories now has three fantastic new features that will not only make your social media experience a lot more fun, but it will also save you storage space on your phone.

The first new feature is mentions. This allows users to tag friends in their story, in the exact same way as you would a regular post, and the app will send your friend a message to let them know.

The second feature, links, allows users to attach a 'See More' option to the bottom of their story. These links could lead to absolutely anything, an article, a song, a picture, another Instagram account. 

The possibilities are endless!

Finally, we have Boomerang. Most of you would already be familiar with this feature as it's currently a stand alone app that allows you to record gif-like videos.

To save storage space on our precious phones, Instagram have decided to embed this into the stories so that it's more accessible to users and makes everything a little more fun. 

We wonder how Snapchat will respond to this?

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