If You Have Any Of These Beanie Babies, You Can Probs Quit Your Job

2016-08-22 04:02:52Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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We don’t know about you guys, but we definitely collected Beanie Babies growing up… but who knew we could make some serious cash from them?

We all waited for a new one to be released… we then begged our parents to buy them all and we finally got our own way and lived happily ever after!

Well, if you still have any Beanie Babies stashed away in the cupboard, it might be time to whip them out because it could be worth your next holiday to Hawaii.

Take a look at this list...

Princes Diana Purple Bear

This beauty could be worth over a massive $75,000!

Curly Bear Original Beanie Baby

This original Beanie Baby could give you an extra $24,500!!!!!!!

Valentino Beanie Bear

This plain white bear with a small red heart can be sold for $19,000!

Peace Bear

Believe it or not, but this baby can be worth up to $5,000.

Millennium Mint Bear

If you’ve had this one hidden away since 2000, you could be rolling in $5,000!

Pumpkin Beanie Baby

This is one of those "you had one job!" machine stuff ups, with the pumpkin accidentally getting attached upside-down. The error, however, makes this beanie super rare and now worth $38,000! 

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