If You Growl At Your Dog For Fun, You Could Actually Be Causing Harm

2016-11-25 04:41:07Z
Zoe Pana
Zoe Pana

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Turns out your dog hasn’t forgotten all those times you were an a**hole owner…

Current Biology has published a new study that suggests there are similarities between the way humans and dogs remember.

Dogs apparently have ‘episodic memories’, meaning they can recall experiences and events, as well as the emotions associated.

Speaking to Gizmodo, Miss Fugazza said: “The study of episodic-like memory in non-human animals is particularly challenging because it implies assessing a mental state: incidental encoding of an event when it is not known that it is important to remember it." 

The ‘Do as I Do’ study saw dogs mimicking actions researchers demonstrated based purely on what they had witnessed, not what they had performed themselves.

This suggested that dogs remember more than we think… even bad memories. We’re not talking the obvious stories we hear about traumatised dogs who have suffered animal cruelty, no, we’re talking they remember that one time you put your joggers on, grabbed the leash and got them psyched for a walk to the park before you remembered you had to do something else.

So basically, your dog remembers all the times you were a total a-hole.


Image: 20th Century Fox


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