What You're Actually Meant To Do When You Find Someone Sleepwalking

2016-10-31 22:56:02Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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We're sure everyone's had a run in with at least one sleepwalker in their life thus far. 

Whether it be a sibling, a friend, a parent or maybe you're the sleepwalking culprit, it can be an experience met with very different reactions when said sleepwalker is found wandering around like a zombie. 


You either a) laugh your head off because they are doing something hilarious, b) rush to stop them from peeing on a powerpoint, c) freak the f$#@ out because it's like Paranormal Activity is playing out for real in your house and run for the hills, d) try to wake them up...

We have always been told that option D is a very bad idea, because who knows how waking up a sleeping zombie is going to go... and Step Brothers taught us all the downsides to this options. 


SO what are we actually supposed to do when we find someone sleepwalking?!?

First off, sleepwalking is generally a result of a few things: tiredness which then increases stress and anxiety levels, and fitful sleep. Considering most of us get next to no sleep it's a surprise we're not all walking around unaware... but there is a sleepwalking epidmic which is rising in the UK. 

Sleepwalking can be as harmless as someone sitting up in their bed muttering slurred and incoherent speech, to as extreme as sufferers actually carrying out rather complex activities like cooking and even driving... 

The NHS explained how we should all deal with sleepwalkers, outlining that the first thing we should do is to ensure they are in a safe place.

Then it's important to gently get them back to their good ol' bed so they can't get up to any more mischief. 


As we've stated, waking them up hasn't always been the best idea because the woken sleepwalker may become aggressive and distressed due to the confusion.

However, if you wake them up VERY gently (no, shaking them like they're a salt shaker or slapping them in the face does not classify as gentle) can prevent them from having another sleepwalking episode that night. 

Now that we all know how to deal with sleepwalkers correctly, the world is obviously a better place. 

Unfortunately, you're still going to have to get used to the Paranormal Activity scenes which may play out when you wake up to find your partner/sibling/friend sleepwalking and standing at the end of your bed... Sorry. 


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