How To Text Back That Guy And Not Appear Like A Complete Lemon

2016-08-01 05:13:35Z
Zoe Pana
Zoe Pana

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With so much buzz around The Bachelor right now, we’ve all got romance on the mind. As it’s 2016, texting is an essential part of the dating game and we’re here to say, hey, it ain’t so bad!

We’ve all been there. Meet a guy or gal, exchange numbers and then BAM - freak the f*** out!

Should you text first? Wait it out? Emojis? WHAT?

Well, seeing as we can't go back to the good ol' days of human interaction, messaging is here to stay and so we've come up with some easy tips that might help -

1. It’s not always a bad thing to text first. Be confident, but remain cool.

2. Don’t overdo it. If you are worried that you’re texting too much or have too many emojis or “hahaha-s” in the message, you probably do. Slow it down and backspace a few of those haha-s.

3. Don’t read something that’s not there. It’s a cliche, but sometimes we really do overthink things. Stop thinking so much about the ‘game’ and read what they are actually saying.

4. To quote every piece of advice ever - “Be yourself”. Don’t go around presenting a fake version of you, especially if you’re looking for a relationship. Drake knows -

5. Use your team. This one is pretty obvious but still needs to be said. If unsure how to respond, screenshot and ask your friends!

What are your texting rules? Let us know in our Facebook comments!


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