How To Increase Your Chances Of Having Twins

2016-07-14 06:56:43Z
Zoe Pana
Zoe Pana

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If having twins is your dream but you feel the odds are not in your favour, don’t worry, these stats might brighten your day! 

It’s no secret that wanting twins is common amongst parents, but sometimes we hear stats that have us thinking we have no chance. 

According to there’s one thing we can all do to increase our chances of having a Mary-Kate and Ashley set... 

Wait till you're 35-years-old. 

“Don’t try to have your babies when you are less than 25 years. If you wait until after your 35th birthday then you will more than double your chances in this space of waiting 10 years.” 

Double your chances! 

There are also many other factors that future mums can take into account.  

1.  Family history helps (nothing new, but still a good reminder)

“You’re already increasing your chances if you are a twin yourself or if you have siblings who are twins. If you are lucky enough to come from a family with a pattern of having twins then genetically you are more likely to as well.

So if you, your mother or your maternal grandmother are or were fraternal (non-identical) twins then your chances of having twins may increase to as many as 1 in 7.” 

Note: If your male partner is a twin, unfortunately, that doesn’t increase your chances. 

2. Are you tall? 

"If you are tall, in the top 25th percentile for your height amongst women of the same age, then you are more likely to have twins… this may be attributable to Mother Nature interpreting height (and weight) as a sign of good pregnancy material."

3. Are you Nigerian? 

"If you are from Nigeria then you are more likely to have twins than a Caucasian woman of the same age. Nigerian women enjoy the highest rate of twin pregnancies in the world. And because their rate is so high, around 1 in every 22 women, the genetic potential to keep twins occurring through the generations will become even more likely."

4. You don’t have to rely on nature 

With more and more woman choosing to start a family later in life, the amount of women seeking fertility assistance has also increased. 

“Because of the improvement in fertility management, the rate of success with embryo transfers has never been better.” 

If your dreaming of identical twins, however, we are all in the same boat - 

“The chances of having identical or non-fraternal twins is the same for every woman, wherever she lives and no matter what her family history. Identical twinning is random and universal” 

Do you fit any of these descriptions? Have you had twins? Let us know of our Facebook page! 

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