How To Create The Ultimate Bucket List

2016-07-12 04:33:12Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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So we all have dreams that we need, want and HAVE to tick off ,but how exactly do you go about accomplishing these goals? Enter the Scoopla guide to the ULTIMATE bucket list.

 What exactly is a bucket list? The official dictionary definition is : 

'A number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.'

First Step - Define what is your own personal definition of a bucket list? 

Is it a travel list? Daily Goals? Weekly? Financial... or even just a bucket list to have more goals! A Bucket List is undefinable by one definition. 

Second Step -Write up a list and put it somewhere where you can see it daily.

Once you have decided what you wish to absolutely CONQUER!, make sure you write up a list and place it somewhere obvious so you can remind yourself daily of what you need to be working towards.

Third Step -Look at whether your Bucket List goals are actually achievable!

Okay so not going to lie, we are all for aiming sky high but having a goal to have sold as many singles as Taylor Swift by the end of the year or send out as many selfie Snapchats as Kylie Jenner... not going to happen! Make sure your goals are attainable and progressive. 

Fourth Step - Set goals that will better your life and make positive changes. 

No sitting around like a Negative Nelly ignoring all the silver linings that life throws your way! We know we sound like a cheerleader from Bring It On right now... however, goals should be set that will improve you as a person and therefore your life! #SEEYACRONUTS.

Fifth Step -Enjoy Yourself!

Cliché we know! However, regardless of how many goals you are setting and whatever you want from your Bucket List, it's not worth tearing your hair out over! Make sure to have fun and enjoy yourself whilst you are on your way to SLAYDOM! 

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