Here Are The Celebs, Trends & Looks You’re About To Be Obsessed With In 2017

2016-08-31 14:00:00Z
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Mental Health Commission

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Experts say 2017 will see delicious treats, comfy clothes, and an old school fitness revival!

While it's a 'new year and a new you' and you're planning on how to have THE most successful, fulfilling 2017 EVER... why not take a minute to make sure you're up to date with your decision making when it comes to partying and your health, including being drug aware? Get the facts here.

Here's our list of what we're going to fall in love with this year!

1. Return of the aerobics!  

It’s time to dust off your old Jane Fonda workout VHS… or maybe just hit up YouTube for some aerobics!

2. Red Velvet White Choc Chip Cookies 

These sound amazing and probably are. You heard it here first!

3. Country music revival

2016 was a huge year for country music and signs say it isn’t slowing down. Don’t be surprised to hear your RnB loving friend cruising to Keith Urban and Chris Stapelton next year.

4. Gal Gadot 

With the release of Wonder Woman this year, expect to see Gal Gadot amongst the Hollywood ‘it’ girls!

5. Epic rap collaborations  

From Chance The Rapper & Childish Gambino to Kanye & Drake, various rap collaborative albums and projects have been rumoured to take over 2017!

6. Pyjama Love 

Fashion experts are predicting the rise of silky fabrics, robes, and wide-leg pants and we ain’t complaining!

What trends do you predict we will see this year? Let us know in our Facebook comments! 

Images: Jane Fonda's Workout, Marvel, nailahssweettopia/Instagram

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