Flight Attendants Reveal How They ACTUALLY Deal With Drunk Passengers On Flights

2016-10-11 00:52:07Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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Don't deny it, we have all been there. You ease yourself into a long flight with a few red wines or but before you know it you feel like you've had a big night and can't understand all the glares coming your way from other passengers? 

It is easy to see how drinking on a plane can get out of hand, you are in a small confined space for a large amount of time. However, there are definitely times when a few pre-holiday drinks can escalate and an anonymous flight attendant from American Airlines has revealed to MailOnline Travel, just exactly how the cabin crew deal with those sticky situations. 

"The majority of passengers who drink will have two. One when service commences and another one with a meal. Then there are always the ones who can knock back four. It’s easy to overdo it.”

So how exactly do they deal when someone has "overdone it"?

Basically they rely on a system called the "traffic light system" which effectively runs exactly how its name sounds! 

"If you’re “green”, they’ll keep serving you, if you’re “yellow” they’ll slow you down. When you’re “red” — glassy-eyed, unsteady and slurring — they’ll stop giving you grog."

“It’s a red flag if someone is getting up to use the lavatory more often than normal. Or when they start pulling seemingly sly tricks."

“People often think they can sneak in extra drinks by requesting them from a different flight attendant each time. Actually, you’re just drawing more attention to yourself."

If you think that the flight attendant may have just forgotten you on their trip down the aisle... think again!

"I quite often just pretend I haven’t noticed the passenger who’s waving me down for another drink until they give up. That or I just ‘forget’ their order.”

Mind blown! We will definitely keep this in mind for our next trip. 


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