Fake Or Real: This Actual Gigantic Alligator Has Sparked An Online Debate

2017-01-17 00:06:33Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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A video of a very large reptilian has hit Facebook and set the internet into overdrive as to whether this is just a bloody large 'gator or a publicity stunt for Jurassic World.

The Lakeland police department in Floria has posted a video to their Facebook of a huge alligator taking a leisurely stroll through a park, and quite frankly, it's terrifying. 


Our initial reaction (besides 'holy actual hell that's a biggie') was that surely this isn't real because, a) seriously how big is that? and b) the people in the background seem pretty damn calm while a prehistoric land monster walks on past them. 

However, while some Facebook commenters shared our once sceptic belief, many Floridians are adamant that this is simply normal for the 'Circle B' area.  

The police department has reassured us all the 'gator won't be harmed! 

Image credit: Lakeland PD Facebook 

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