Facebook Has A New Feature That Is Really Sassy But Useful AF

2016-09-23 03:58:03Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Facebook has decided to do us a solid and introduce a new feature that will make group events so much easier.

We all know breaking a bill for a group dinner or event is usually hell, espcially if someone just decided not to bring any cash. It seems like the IT guys over at our favourite social media website know exactly what this is like and want to make things easier for everyone.

The new feature is called Chat Assist and is basically an IOU so your mates can pay you over Facebook Messenger

The feature is triggered when you type something similar to 'you owe me' in your message and when it's sent, a big button gets sent along with it giving the recipient the option to 'PAY NOW'.

Chat Assist will also have a handy polling feature for group chats so we can all know what people really think of that outfit before you leave the house.

The Facebook gods hear our prayers!

Images: Facebook, startracks

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