Facebook Are Last To The Party By Adding This New Feature

2016-10-19 02:40:15Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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So it's official, Facebook is the uncool Dad of the social media world.

Snapchat has dominated with it's instant photos and stories, helping people share their lives with friends and family and of course, helping us see what our favourite celebs are up to. 

Instagram saw how popular the stories were and so they added the Instagram Stories into their latest update. People are loving both Instagram stories and ol' faithful Snapchat, but now, Facebook have finally caught up to the trend.

Facebook have now decided to add a stories function to their Messenger app and have named it Messenger Day

This just feels like your parents trying to be cool. Awkward and unnecessary.

(Unless your parents are actually awesome then go you!)

The feature has been implemented into the app's latest update and it will show your friend's stories above your messenger inbox, the same way Instagram currently does.

You can add your own story by selecting the 'My Day' button on the top left of the screen and get as snap happy as you please. 

The stories will only stick around for 24 hours though, so you have to be quick to view them.

So many stories, so little time. 

Images: facebook

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