Everyone Is Furious With The LUXURY Gift This Mum Gave Her 2-Year-Old

2016-12-04 23:53:39Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

A Girl Has No Name... But if you must know I'm Hayley, aka Numpty 'coz I'm a clutz. I'm a Scoopla content producer, actor, martial artist, and you'll often find me binge-watching Netflix with my partner.

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It's every parents dream to give their children all the wonders life has to offer, so they can have the childhood they perhaps never had. 

From unconditional love to understanding, endless support, the most marvellous of toys and enriching experiences, parents want the best for their kids (unfortunately we all don't have  tonne of money to make everything happen for them). 


But it seems like everyone is forgetting this recently, because they are up in arms about the luxurious gift a mother has gifted to her 2-year-old daughter in the lead up to Christmas. 

We all remember the advent calendars we used to get at the start of December, meaning we could chow down on a delicious piece of chocolate at the start of each day (not the healthiest option, but hey! The serving sizes were at least moderated). 

Well, Tamara Ecclestone Rutland, a socialite/model/TV personality/millionare heiress/ mother from the UK, decided to take the advent calendar to a whole new level this year and gift the most extravagent one to her two-year-old daughter, Sophia. 

Tamara has created the biggest doll house advent calendar we could imagine, and each day Sophia opens up a window to find a lush gift we all could only dream of...



This lush lifestyle isn't new to little Sophia, her mum takes her on trips around the globe and spoils her with everything a kid could dream of, and we think we know why everyone is so up in arms. 

They're jealous. 

Firstly, of the fact they never got this kind of childhood (even though we each loved our childhood).


Secondly, of the fact that they cannot give their child this kind of lifestyle (but rest assured, your kids know you do everything you can for them. It's not about money). 

Thirdly, perhaps it's not so much jealousy but a serious clash of expectation, with people believing a child shouldn't be spoiled so completely and should learn to appreciate things. 

Whatever the reason, people are definitely voicing their opinions. 

Who are we to judge a parent for wanting to give their child the best? 

We would all do the same if we could. 

Image Credit: Instagram @ TamaraEccelstoneOfficial.

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