Ever Wondered Why We Have That Weird Groove Below Our Noses?

2016-09-27 03:22:10Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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It’s so weird that our body can do some much… yet we have no idea what some things are even for… other than fingers because I’m typing this.

Have you ever sat there for a little while staring off into space wondering what that little weird groove in between our nose and the centre of our lips is actually for?

Well wonder no more.

It turns out that is actually has no purpose. Lol nice.

Well... it does help you nail a good pout… but nothing too important.

But it's called the philtrum and it's formed in the womb, and relates to how our each of our tiny faces are formed while we're in there cooking.

In a clip from the BBC program ‘Inside the Human Body’, Dr Michael Mosley says, "It is the place where the puzzle that is the human face finally all comes together… The three main sections of the puzzle meet at your top lip, creating the groove that is the philtrum."


So basically, the philtrum is the centre point where different parts of the face merge into one.

The human face takes about two or three months to develop while in the womb…. Before that you probs wouldn’t get many likes on Insta.

Who knew?? NOT US!

Image Credit: The Veronicas Twitter

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