Eerie Pics Surface Of The Tromp Family's Abandoned House

2016-09-07 05:30:48Z
Justin Hill
Justin Hill

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It's the story that has stumped Australia.

In short, the Tromp Family set out on a 'technology-free' road trip that resulted in multiple family members being found dazed and confused after being split up.

There are SO many questions surrounding this story, one of the biggest - why on earth did they flee their home, leaving it unlocked and abandoned?

Pics have now surfaced online that show the house eerily empty.

Not even Tromp son Mitchell really knows what the family's motivations were, stating 'I just don't know what happened'. He also told police the family fled the 18-acre orchard on August 29 after their parents became convinced someone was after them.

We just hope the family are all safe and getting the help they need.

Photo credit: Sky News


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