Doing This Could Help You Lose 500 Calories A Day!

2016-10-13 03:34:29Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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When you're trying to lose weight, it can be hard to swap out the foods you love for healthier alternatives.

Milk chocolate can be swapped for dark chocolate that has less sugar and more cocoa, your white bread can be swapped for rye or wholemeal bread and you can swap your high calorie lunch for a nice low-carb salad.

We've all heard this many times, but there's also one small thing you can change that will help you lose up to 500 calories a day!

Reducing the size of your morning coffee can shed a good 50 calories off your daily intake. 


A cappucinno or latte can hold between 60 and 100 calories and by simply ordering a small or regular coffee intsead of your usual large, you'll be making a small but lasting difference.

If you wanted to try and reduce those calories even more, you can skip the sugar and even opt for almond milk instead of full-fat milk. It may not taste the same, but a nice nutty latte tastes a lot better than it sounds. 


Baby steps people, baby steps. 

Image: Readers Digest

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