Does Your Body Twitch For No Reason At Night? This Is WHY

2016-10-11 02:05:14Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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Do you suddenly find yourself dozing off into a happy slumber only to awake to find your body twitching for no apparent reason and you have no control?! This bizarre phenomenon is more common than you may think and it also has an official name... 

"Hypnic Jerk" is what scientists have named this unique condition and we now know exactly how it happens! Defining exactly what the twitch feels like varys from person to person but according to, there are many common factors as to what brings on twitchiness.

"Researchers think that a few external causes, like caffeine and tobacco, might increase how often the hypnic jerk happens to you. They recommend avoiding any caffeinated drinks if bedtime is only a few hours away."

Keeping away from stimulants may seem like an easy fix but it's not necessarily going to mean you will be twitch free. According to one of the researchers behind the study, your existing sleep pattern could already be a problem.

"The hypnic jerk is most often seen when a person falls asleep rapidly, during, or after they've been in an exhaustive state. On rare occasions, when the body is really exhausted the brain will process stages of sleep too quickly, confusing itself into thinking that the body and its major systems are failing."

"It responds by jolting you awake with a burst of chemicals, one that the brain might interpret, and then build a dream designed to wake you up, which is the basic premise behind the theory of the hypnic jerk."

Woah so going to bed now will be a totally different experience!


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