Clothes Can Now Legit CHARGE Your Phones & You Obvs Need Them In Your Life

2016-10-28 23:02:00Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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You know those times when you're out and about having the time of your life and you need to either a) call your mate to get them in on the action, b) take a pic to immortalise the moment, or c) any other reason that requires your phone, and you're mood instantly drops because, surprise, your battery decided to cark it?

Yeeah, we've all been there and the aftermath ain't always pretty, especially if you don't have a portable charger... which, come on, they're so bulky and will not fit in the wallet or purse you've styled with your outfit. 

Well, stress no more! Because charging clothes are legit going to be a thing and will save all your dead battery problems.

Clothes which CHARGE your phone? Surely you are thinking 'how the hell can this be real?!'.

But it's legit.

A group of scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology have designed some futuristic fabric that collects and stores energy from the sun and your movement within its fibres. 

The fabric uses dye-senstitised solar cells moulded into long, thin fibres to soak up the sunshine and fibre-shaped triboelectirc nanogenerators are then used as a storage medium for the electrostatic charge generated when you move about.

Supercapacitors are also used to store all the darn energy created, to then be used to potentially charge our technology!

Of course, the time when these fibres will be made into easily-available clothes is not in the near future just yet, as the team have a fair way to go before they can get the material thin enough to act as a normal fabric.

We better get saving, too, because it's unlikely we're going to be able to pick this up for a bargain price at a local store...

Nonetheless, we can't wait to see where this goes and for the days of dead batteries to be long gone!

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