Can't Get Rid Of Chapped Lips? THIS Fave Product Is To Blame!

2017-01-27 23:52:29Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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It's come to our attention that our lips haven't been staying the moist and vibrant softness we've been wanting them to this summer, because for some reason they just keep getting chapped!

We thought it was the heat, or perhaps not drinking enough water, but it turns out that it might be as a result of something we all need to use every gosh darn day!

After a long day of chowing down on delicious summer fruits and holiday treats, we all have to brusha, brusha, brusha to clean away germs from our pearly whites. 

But who could have guessed that toothpaste is to blame for our continually chapped pout!

Thanks to the realms of Reddit and the expert internet searching of Refinery 29, the truth has been stumbled upon. 

Testimonials of numerous toothpaste users (which is obvs going to be a huge amount of people) revealed that they tried everything to fix their chapped lips, but nothing was working wonders. 

However, when they opted for a sensitive toothpaste, their problems disappeared completely!

It is thought that the presence of sodium laureth sulfate (which is used as a foaming surfactant) in non-senstive toothpastes caused the excess dryness, and so when users opted for the sensitive alternatives, their dry lips were no longer such a prominent problem. 

Dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD, explained to Refinery 29 that, "Allergic reactions and irritations to toothpaste are unfortunately common... 

"If you have chronically chapped lips, mouth irritation or burning, or even a rash around the lips that will not go away, you must consider whether it’s your toothpaste that’s having that effect.”

According to Joshua, ingredients like mint and cinnamon can also be the cause of dryness. 

So, before you start blaming your precious chapstick or paw-paw ointment for 'not doing its job'maybe see if your toothpaste is the real bad guy. 

As a side note: this doesn't mean you should stop cleaning your teeth... just find an alternative. 

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