Calls To Ditch School Skirts & Dresses After Study Finds Girls Are Less Active

2017-01-16 05:03:55Z
Zoe Pana
Zoe Pana

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A new study has found that girls who wear pants and shorts to school are more physically active and fit compared to those who wear dresses and skirts. 

The study which looked at 64 primary schools across Australia, found that 10-year-old girls did more exercise while wearing pants. 

“A physically restrictive school uniform has the potential to inhibit physical activity among primary-school-aged girls.” 

More and more schools are opting to offer a choice of pants instead of the traditional dress/skirt, however, there are a considerable amount of schools across the nation where dresses/skirts are compulsory. 

A petition has been started by mother Simone Cariss who believes the compulsory dress code isn’t progressive.  

“Dresses disadvantage girls like my daughter who want to play footy, run, climb and ride a bike to school.”  

The petition already has 18,203 signatures and discusses the Government's campaign ‘Girls Make Your Move’ which found these alarming results  - 

“The Australian Government recently launched a new campaign prompted by alarming research showing girls are only half as active as their male peers by the time they become teenagers.” 

Do you want to see a choice of uniform across all Australian schools? Let us know in our Facebook comments! 

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