BREAKING: First Video Leaked Of Kim Kardashian Inside Paris Apartment Just After Hold Up

2016-10-12 03:31:16Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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Radar Online have managed to get their hands on a video of Kim Kardashian just after she was held at gunpoint in her Paris apartment last week.

The eerie footage shows Kim sitting on a couch FaceTiming someone wrapped up in blankets. Obviously she is in extreme shock.

Radar Online have written that the footage “raises questions about the official version of events,” as Kim is using a phone and it was reported that her two phones got stolen during the attack.

They also describe Kim as being “far from hysterical” and also touch on the fact that there is no sign of forced entry.

To be honest, we think that all of these points are BS and unnecessary.

The footage was shot 5 hours after the robbery, and no one can tell how Kim felt at that time, other than Kim herself.

By this time she would’ve been surrounded by people so they clearly had their phones on them which is probably how she was making the call…. and it was probably to her husband Kanye.

Of course there are no signs of forced entry, the gunmen held the concierge at gunpoint and was forced to let them into Kim's apartment.

Radar Online have not revealed who filmed the video or if they even had permission to film.

Check out the video below.

This is just so scary, we are so glad Kim is okay.

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