7 Benefits Of A Job You Love

2016-01-27 05:36:00Z
Scoopla Team
Scoopla Team

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At the risk of sounding an inspirational Facebook meme, you could become one of those people who brags about life on the socials, from the moment you ditch your ‘meh’ job and start a career you actually like.

There are so many benefits of a job you love. We’ve found a few that you’ll notice from day one.

You’ll be happier

When work becomes a hobby and not a chore, you’ll enjoy it. Getting up each morning is easier, you’ll have a spring in your step throughout the day and you’ll find that getting paid can be a positive consequence of enjoying yourself.



You’ll be motivated

Overall happiness improves your motivation. Think of it like a positive spiral. Happiness > motivation > confidence > improvement > positive results (like promotions or bonuses) > happiness.

The more motivated you are, the more you want to achieve. You could even see your goals move. Instead of being a personal trainer in a gym, maybe you’ll work toward opening your own!


You’ll get more cash!

Because you’re more motivated, you’re not only better at your job, you’re willing to go above and beyond to improve yourself. Your bosses should recognise your positive vibes and good work with promotions, pay rises and maybe bonuses.



You’ll get noticed

Your boss will notice you and so will your clients and customers. They’ll recommend you to friends – that’s the best advertising you can get. People love passionate people (the new you) and hate dealing with jaded people who hate their job.


You’ll improve your work/life balance

Depending on what your new, exciting job is, you might be able to choose the hours you work. If you love working early hours, you could start at 6am and finish at 1 to give you a free afternoon.



You can quit!

Who hasn’t thought about walking into their boss’ office, calling them mean names, they fire you and you yell “YOU CAN’T FIRE ME, I QUIT”

Telling your boss where to go might seem like a good idea but you might have to work with them again, perhaps as a future client. Maybe don’t burn your bridges.



You’ll be you

Let’s say you now work an office job where you’re chained to a desk and you HATE that. But you really LOVE spending time outdoors, in the sun at the local park. Desk life isn’t you but outdoors life is. It makes sense to find a job that’ll take you away from your desk so you can be you.


What can you do to land your dream career?

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