Beach Goers BEWARE: Someone's Ogling Your Goodies With A HACKED Surf Cam

2016-10-21 23:40:37Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Summer is fast approaching, which means that as we all do our best to get that Summer bod we want (by learning to love what we have and not giving a damn), we're crawling out of our shells and on to our stunning beaches in the masses.

Now, although some of us go to the beach to check out all the sexy AF life guards or potential boyfriends/girlfriends, we don't exactly like the idea of someone having a good  ol' perv (which ain't good!) at us when it is NOT wanted.

And the 'when' in this situation is now because a scammer has HACKED surf-watching cameras on some of Australia's most popular beaches... not so they can check out how hectic the surf is, but all so they can zoom in on us and ogle our goodies. 

The cringe-inducing news comes after reports were made to the Manly Daily that someone hacked popular live-streaming website SURFit, as whoever was in control of the camera on the date of October 10 "was basically panning in and out checking out different girls."

Someone reportedly overrode command protocols to control the cameras.

Spokespersons have revealed at least one of the hijacked cameras has been replaced with better security features... which is hopefully a vote of confidence. 

While there's still the possibility someone's hacking the site for all the wrong reasons, you might also want to pay close attention to whatever creepsters are on the actual beach with you...

Image Credit: HBO Films / Warner Bros.

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