Australia’s Cheapest City For Transport Costs Has Been Revealed

2016-11-07 03:04:11Z
Scoopla Team
Scoopla Team

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The average Australian family spends around $16,894  year on land transport according to the Australian Automobile Association in its latest Transport Affordability Index.

AAA Chief Executive Michael Bradley said, “The latest Transport Affordability Index shows transport costs continue to steadily increase, creeping up in both dollar terms and as a share of the household budget.

“It’s very important that governments consider how rising transport costs are applying financial pressure to Australian households when formulating policy.”

The Transport Affordability Index tracks transport affordability by analysing tax, tollways, public transport and finance costs as a proportion of average household income across states and territories.

These are the average weekly transport costs experienced by a typical two car household in each capital city:

Sydney: $416
Melbourne: $377
Brisbane: $347
Perth: $308
Canberra: $302
Darwin: $288
Adelaide: $287
Hobart: $273

A summary of findings from the AAA: 

  • Melbourne was the only capital city to experience a fall in average annual transport costs, down from $18,136.02 to $18,056.11.
  • The average family in Sydney is paying around $21,653 (up from $21,389.78 in Q2) while the annual cost of land transport is lowest in Hobart at $14,197 (up from $14,115.72 in Q2).
  • A typical two-car Sydney household faced weekly transport costs of $416 per week, ahead of Brisbane and Melbourne at $377 and $347 per week respectively.
  • In Perth and Canberra, weekly transport costs were $308 per week and $302 per week respectively.
  • Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin had relatively low transport costs, at $287, $273 and $288 per week respectively. In these cities, public transport, driver’s licences and vehicle registration were all relatively less expensive.
  • Car loans continue to make up the biggest share of a household’s transport costs.
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