Australia, You're BANNED From Taking This Phone On Flights

2016-10-16 20:48:45Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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We should all know by now that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the phone fail of all phone fails and you defs don't want to have it riding along with you in your pocket throughout the day. 

Why? Because it might go...

And no, you won't look as cool as Robert Downey Jnr. when it does. 

For obvious reasons, airlines around Australia are taking the initiative to ban passengers from bringing the recalled product on to any flights. 

Qantas, Virgin Australia and Tigerair flights are the first to introduce the ban, in an attempt to prevent any unexpected malfunctions in the phone as its battery has been known to catch fire and explode all by itself. 

Even if the phone is switched off (like ALL phones probably should be on a plane, even though most of you don't listen to that advice...) or packed away snug in your checked-in luggage, you will not be able to bring it on to the plane or in your luggage AT ALL. 

Coming off the back off Samsung ceasing all production on the Note 7, this is a step to keep us all safe! 

So don't try and sneak your phone on to the plane with you... You'll regret it.

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