Australian Swimmers Banned From Closing Ceremony

2016-08-18 23:27:36Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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This is not news our swimmers wanted to receive so close to the ending of the games in Rio.

Two Australian swimmers, Josh Palmer and Emma McKeon have been banned from attending the closing ceremony this weekend and have been placed on an extremely strict curfew.

This comes after they broke the teams rules and went on a wild night out. They decided to break away from the rest of their teammates and went out separately but they didn’t inform team management.

Josh and Emma must stay inside the Olympic Village between 8pm and 8am.

According to reports, Josh got caught up with the night out and he was then a victim of an alleged robbery. He was forced to withdraw $1,000 from an ATM while he was out.

Josh was found the next day on a beach by two businessmen without a phone or wallet. He was a described as being in a disorientated state.

Emma’s rule breaking is a little less wild, she broke them by staying with a friend for the night, but she didn’t inform team management.

Australia’s Olympics boss Kitty Chiller released a statement saying, "Palmer and McKeon’s behaviour was unacceptable and they breached disciplinary protocols. I have raised the need for the swimming team leader to ensure he is aware of his athlete’s whereabouts when leaving the Olympic Village and that the swimming athletes observe the 2am curfew."

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