Australia! The Biggest Supermoon Of The Century Is Coming And Here's Where To Get The Best View

2016-11-03 02:50:23Z
Scoopla Team
Scoopla Team

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If the weather holds up, the moon will be the biggest and brightest it’s ever been in nearly 70 years later this month.

On November 14, head outside and take a look at the sky. It’s the only time a supermoon will be on display until 2034.

A “supermoon" (official name perigee moon) occurs when the moon is full and is in a close orbit to Earth. However, this month’s full moon is special – NASA is actually calling it an “extra-supermoon”. This is because the moon will be full just two hours ofter its closest approach to Earth.

If you’re in Sydney, to get the best view, face east. Beaches such as Manly or Bondi would give you a stunning sight. Otherwise, if you’re in the city, get up as high as you can!

For those in Melbourne, beaches on the western side of Port Phillip Bay will have the best view! 

However, everywhere across the country is still going to have one helluva gigantic moon to look at! 

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