Australia Day Fireworks Have Been Cancelled At An Iconic Location

2016-08-25 04:50:04Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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Australia Day fireworks have been cancelled in a popular location after councillors voted against the celebration over Indigenous cultural sensitivities.

About 50,000 people would go to Western Australia's Fremantle to celebrate Australia day, but starting next year the firework celebrations will no longer go ahead.

This comes after councillors voted against the celebration and believed it to be 'invasion day' for Indigenous Australians.

The Indigenous community came to the decision on Wednesday night in Perth, with Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt saying, "there has been a growing movement that January 26 is increasingly becoming a day that is not for all Australians".

Mr Pettitt continued, “For many Aboriginal Australians it is indeed a day of sadness and dispossession,' this does not just refer to Indigenous involvement but the involvement of many other Australians who feel increasingly uncomfortable with the date and what it represents.

The City has received significant feedback supporting the idea of reimagining our Australia Day celebrations from both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

'I was proud to see Fremantle Council support this change in what I hope will see a wave of change across the nation that will see Australia Day fundamentally shift to a more inclusive and respectful approach."

This means that they now have about $145,000 free after removing the cost of the fireworks which will now go to be making a family-friendly event in Fremantle to celebrate being Australian for everyone, but it will not be celebrated on the 26th of January.

Mr Pettitt revealed to Nine News, "We've talked about a range of things which may include everything from light shows and projections, to concerts, to even having a giant family picnic."

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