Aussie Year 12 Students Are RIPPING This Journo Apart For THIS Article

2016-10-15 00:40:40Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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One thing you do NOT want to tell students in their final year of school who are sitting their FINAL school exams is that they need to "Stop whingeing", to "Suck it up" or to...

Because, well, you're going to have the wrath of thousands upon thousands of teens coming down upon you for not understanding how darn f**king stressful their final exams are... 

But this is what one journalist decided to do, when she took to one of Australia's leading news sites to publish an article, with the headline legit saying:

"Stop whingeing and just do your HSC: Why these kids need to suck it up."

Dear Rachel Corbett, we hope you realised the wrath you released from the depths of year 12 hell...

For the non-NSW peeps of Australia, the HSC is the NSW version of the year 12 end of year exams. 

Rachel's article (which you can read HERE) decided to place some students into different categories:

- The Whinger

- The Failed Stuntman

- The Cheaters

- The Pathetic Trollers

FYI: Nobody DON"T like being labeled or shoved into boxes, just like the year 12 exams decide to jam us in, so creating categories was a bad idea.

Needless to say, the students of Australia have hit back with full force and one student in the 61k strong Facebook group HSC Discussion Group 2016, Joshua Ung has said:

"Well Rachel no one asked you to come here and snoop around. This is a discussion group made for 17-18 year old students who are currently sitting their HSC, not for some bored woman... You critique our way of handling the stress and pressures of the HSC, but once again, it is our group, and we have different ways to coping with high stress in comparison to you. We students use the discussion group to cope with our academic problems through the use of humour (LOTS OF HUMOUR!), and it helps us forget the bad results and the constant pressure arising from the expectations from our family and peers. Essentially, the discussion group is an outlet for our troubles."

On the flip-side, in a less frustration-fuelled argument, Evan Ockers stated:

"Rachel found this page and...  saw a story. A story about the 60000 young children who instead of studying were on the internet complaining because things didnt go their way, well let's be real here, that's going to be your life from this point out. The way you guys jumped on this poor journalist and started with personal attacks, trawling for any information about the poor woman made me sick. Shame on you, pull your finger out, and when somebody writes and article about the mass of whinging that is the HSC discussion group, try not to whinge about it."

While yes, there is a lot of truth to everything Rachel is emphasising in her article and she defs does point out the flaws in the schooling system, this was a slap to the face for every Aussie school student currently struggling through a time which everyone has told them is the defining moment which will determine the rest of their lives. 


There has to come a time when we choose to empathise with younger generations, instead of dubbing them whingers... because that's no good for anyone.

We all know now that there's a whole world beyond Year 12, but for a lot of kids their dreams are on the line and parents, teachers and competing students vying for the same uni courses are shoving pressure down their throats. 

Does everyone understand just how much PRESSURE is put on our children to get a top ATAR, to get into a good university and to make decisions about their future when they're still too young to make such HUGE choices?

Fark, it's like they've been put in a pressure cooker and steam hasn't been let out in years.

We can all look back and go, 'It wasn't the be all or end all... there's no need for kids to be stressing', but do WE remember how stressful it was when WE were finishing off school?

Hind sight only happens in later years, obviously, and there's no stopping the chaos that ensues when you're mid trying to figure out what the f**k to do with your life in year 12. 

Hell, most of us are still trying to figure out what to do with our lives. So perhaps everyone should ease up on the younger generations and realise that somewhere inside we're all still the same unsure, vulnerable, young stress heads we used to be...

But for all the Year 12 students finishing up high school, buckle down and good luck with your exams.

You'll get where you want to go in life, even if you have to find an alternative route. .

Image Credit: ABC.

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