Aussie Woman To Harvest Sperm From Her Late Partner

2016-10-17 01:29:51Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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The thought of losing your partner, someone who is your world and love and life, is absolutely heartbreaking.

Sadly, young Queensland woman Ayla Cresswell experienced this heartbreak when her boyfriend of two years. Joshua Davies, tragically passed away without warning.

According to NewsCorp reports, Joshua Davies had told his family that he wanted Ayla to be the one to have his children no matter what, and so after Joshua passed away the family and Ayla rushed to the courts to make sure his sperm was kept viable.

Ayla reportedly told the court, "Joshua told me that he was very excited at the prospect of being a father, and we often talked about having children, and the effect it would have on our lives. 

"It is my honest belief that this is what Joshua would have wanted."

Joshua's father was cited saying, "I firmly believe that he would have been proud for Ayla to have his children."

Justice Martin Burns of the Supreme Court has since ruled for Joshua's "testes and any spermatozoa" to be given to an IVF organisation, while they wait for permission to utilise tissue from the partners, to conceive a baby, to be granted. 

Our thoughts are with Ayla and Joshua's family during this time and we hope they are able to continue Josh's legacy even after his untimely passing. 

Rest in peace, Josh. 


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