Aussie Wallet Gets Stolen… And Is Returned 4 Years Later

2016-10-10 23:41:21Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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The sh*tty situation of a stolen wallet just became more sh*ttier…

A wallet was stolen from a shop in NSW back in 2012 and it was then found 4 years later…

Obviously it’s super freaking annoying when you wallet gets stolen. Honestly people suck.

2012 literally seems like forever ago and to be missing a wallet that whole time you can’t go on.

You pick up on your life; you mourn the money you have lost, you cry, you might have a wine or two and then you head to the bank to start all over.

Well you can imagine the shock you would get when 4 years later. YES 4. When you get the call from the police saying that have found your wallet….

In the back on a toilet. YES, a toilet.

Well this happened.

Just chilling in the back of the toilet for 4-years.

Cheers to the plumber who is obviously an Aussie legend and returned it.

Our faith in humanity has been restored.

While the money and gift cards are long gone…. We have the remains of a beautiful time capsule that probs smells a bit in the go no zone.

Image Credit: Supplied

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