Aussie School Petitions To Bring Back Muck Up Day In Most Aussie Way Ever

2016-09-10 01:41:01Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Year 12 muck up days are basically a rite of passage in Australia, and when they're done right everyone benefits from it. 

No, we're not condoning the disastrous muck-up days which end up in the newspaper or result in students not being able to complete year 12. We're talking about the ones which can have a good ol' laugh without the extreme measure.

Over the years a lot of high schools have made it pretty darn clear they do NOT want anyone mucking up on 'celebration day', and some have even gone to the lengths of banning the day entirely. 

Victorian high school, Geelong's Christian College, has been banned from the usual celebration day happenings, saying, "the students are not allowed to dress up, they have been told that they are to finish year 12 'with dignity'."

This has all come off the back of last year's cohort deciding to charter a helicopter to land on their school oval. 

Needless to say, the school was not happy about that.

Now, the students of this year's graduating class have taken action and have created a petition to "Bring back Celebration Day for CCG Year 12s".

They are calling for the zero-tolerance policy on their mischevious ways to be withdrawn so they can all "experience a day of enjoyment and fun, by dressing up and engaging in community events, including jumping castles, bull riding, laser tag, and slip 'n' slides."

We're pretty certain that's not all they want to do, but okay...

People are rallying support for the student's cause, with some people leaving comments with humourous and true Aussie undertones:

"Celebration day is the main thing all year 12s look forward to and now your school has taken it away."

"Here we see the effects of an authoritarian leadership mixed with a nanny state."

"It's not... human decency to judge people upon the mistakes of others."

"This school is corrupt. Happiness is illegal..." 

"I never got a muck up day at my own school and have held it against the ridiculous school ever since. I won't be leaving them money in my will."

Umm... who even leaves their school money in their will, anyway? 

There's certainly a lot of conversation being sparked by the petition, and we think some of you might agree with it.

If that's the case, you can show your muck up day pride and sign the petition HERE

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