Aussie Locals Just Saved This Dog From Fierce Floodwaters

2016-09-11 00:02:15Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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The state of Victoria is suffering from some disastrous floods of late, and the locals have just demonstrated how darn tops Aussie's are. 

Amidst the destruction of the floods in the small Victorian town of Casterton, where residents had been warned the Glenelg River may rise to dangerously high levels, one car was swept under a tree in the rushing floodwaters.

 The driver was stuck in the car and had been rescued by SES teams on Saturday afternoon. However, his two dogs were trapped on the roof of his car for hours afterwards.

Thankfully, after talks with emergency services, locals were able to rescue the dogs in a truly Aussie display of fair-dinkum kindness.

We're glad to see the driver and his dogs safe, and our thoughts and love are with all those who have lost their homes in the floods. 

Let's all band together to help each other out. 

Image Credits: Getty / Angus Ledwidge - Twitter.

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