ATTN Thieves: Someone Has Invented Skunk-Like Bike Lock That Farts On You When Broken

2016-10-26 04:09:20Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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Bike thieves. They've been around for generations - they get niftier each and every year and we've been wracking our brains on how to stop 'em. 

Well, someone's gone and bloody done it. 

A bike lock that, wait for it... emits fart gas!

We introduce to you, the SkunkLock. The ingenius contraption works by letting off a non-toxic spray - making it extremely difficult for the thief to see and breathe... annnnd it smells like literal sh*t.

Anyway, it's almost November so if you're thinking about potential Christmas presents........ 

You can pre order the locks on Indiegogo for $99 now. 

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